Passwords and Tech help

Off Campus Library Database

Access to the library databases from off campus requires an Active Directory logon. Concurrent enrollment students need to get this username and password from their professor. All other students need to have logged on the campus computer at least once to obtain an Active Directory logon account.  If you are strictly an 'on-line student' you will need to call or email an Active Directory administrator--Dave Peterson, Justin Cherry or Ron Bradley. See the 'contact us' below.

Example Off Campus Library Database Logon
Username: 12345678
Password:  set after first on-campus logon


Symphony is the portal where you can renew your books or see your checkouts, The URL is The username is your badger number and the default password is 'changeme'. As the name suggests, please change the password once you've logged in. For more help, see a librarian at the main circulation desk or Dave Peterson. See 'Contact Us' below.

Example Symphony Login
Username: 12345678
Password:   changeme


The photocopiers in the library use Badger Bucks. To add money to this account, go to the laptop at the circulation desk, navigate to and select the 'register' link. For more help see Norma Shore. See 'Contact Us' below.


Badgermail is the email for all Snow College students. An account is automatically created for every student. To access this account go to . This will redirect you to the Gmail portal for Snow College. Your username is your badger number and your password is your birthdate in this format MM/DD/YYYY . Your Badgermail account will not expire after you leave Snow College. For more help see Ron Bradley. See 'Contact Us' below.

Example Badgermail Logon
Username: 12345678
Password:  05221999

Badger Web

Badger Web, or sometimes called banner, is the access to your registration, student records and payroll.
Username is your badger number and the default password is your birthdate in MM/DD/YY . For more help go to the registrar's office in the Greenwood Student Center or IT department. See 'Contact Us' below.

Example Badger Web Login
Username: 12345678
Password: 052195


Canvas is also known as Snow Online which is your portal to classroom content. Teachers will frequently post assignments quizzes and other items here. Like Badger Web your username is your badger number and the default password is your birthdate in MM/DD/YY . For more help, see Chase Mitchell. See 'Contact Us' below.

Example Snow Online Login
Username: 12345678
Password: 052195

iCommons, Computer Labs, Classrooms

Campus PCs log in with service known as Active Directory. Your username is your badger number. The first time you login, the password field will be left blank. During the first logon, you will see a small x message prompting you to reset your password. Once you've set your password for the first time, that password will be your Active Directory password. For more help see Dave Peterson or the IT department. See 'Contact Us' below.

Example campus PC login
Username: 12345678
Password: Left Blank


Printing is done saving your document, go to, then uploading your document. Once uploaded, select the printer nearest you to print to. To check the number of prints you have available, go to . To get more prints added to your account go to the cashier's office and add the dollar amount you'd like, then see Dave Peterson or Justin Cherry to have those prints added to your account. Don't forget to show them your reciept from the cashier's office. See 'Contact Us' below.

Virus Removal, Computer Issues

Help desk was created to ensure that machines that connected to our campus work smoothly and securely. See the 'Contact Us' below.

Conact Us

IT Department | 3rd floor Lucy Phillips Building | 435-283-7099

Library Circulation Desk | Main Floor Library | 435-283-7363

Ron Bradley | IT Department - 435-283-7084 |

Justin Cherry | IT Department | 435-283-7090 |

Dave Peterson | Room 002 of the Library | 435-283-7360 |

Help Desk | IT Department | 435-283-7088

Norma Shore | Greenwood Student Center | 435-283-7135 | | Badger Bucks Help

Cashier's Office | Greenwood Student Center | 435-283-7292